Tips On Choosing The Right Male Masturbator

It may not be easy for you to choose the right male masturbator given the fact that you have many choices available. If you are looking for the right advice or would like inputs on reviews on the subject matter, this is the place to be in. I have over the years mastered the art of providing the right inputs for many. It is important to make the right choice base on proper information. If you look around you also will be able to get good bargains and the internet can help both for accessories and sex toys. The bargains could mean discounts ranging from 20 to 70%. I have reviewed a few such brands so that you are able to choose the best male sex toy keeping in mind your needs and requirements.

Five Attributes To Be Kept In Mind

When there is a need to choose a good male stimulator, there are five important attributes to be kept in mind and according to me they are:

  • It must be comfortable, both for the hand and the penis.
  • It must have the unique cum sucking action which every man wants.
  • It must ensure that it does not have the death grip which means too hard squeezing when masturbating.
  • It must ensure that there is no chafing and friction must be avoided.
  • It must massage the penis as vagina would do when coitus is taking place.

Now that we have a reasonably good idea about various attributes when it comes to choosing the best male masturbator let us talk about six devices which I highly recommend. They are listed in numerical order with the top favorite being listed first and so on. All these are what I call as a good masturbator. Most of the above devices are quite large except perhaps for FIFI. In case you are looking for something smaller and portable which could fit into your coat pocket it would be better to look at my pocket pussy page.

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly

You will certainly find this in my Jack Off Toolbox and is a latest entrant inside it. It is quite big and weighs around 20 pounds. It cannot be ported around and will not fit in the briefcase in case you want to jack off using this in your hotel room. It however, is great because it wobbles and it can jiggle and offers lot of fun. If I am asked to review it on a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being the best rating, I would certainly give it between seven and eight. You can look up the review here or Amazon could help you out. It is above $200 and certainly expensive, but offers good value for money. Watching the video will certainly ensure that you rate it on the top.

Fleshlight Ice

I feel that this is a puss staring at your face. Flashlight is known for making classy masturbators. There are hundreds of them available. But somehow Ice is something which I like and own. It is mu best cum sucker and has superb suction when I need it the most. It is a great toy but expensive. The main material is medical grade silicone and comes with a hard plastic case. It could be bought either at Amazon or


It was a tough task reviewing it and I felt it should occupy 1st or 2nd place. Finally I had to settle for coin toss. Blewit is a new entrant in male masturbators. They were successful with their Indiegogo campaign and this is now available for customers. It has a no slip grip and it can accommodate any hand size. The silicone insert is also of good quality and it is available on

Tenga Flip Hole Black

This is another great device and could be a good candidate for the best male sex toy. Many guys would have put in on top of the list but it is still behind Flashlight. It has some good attributes that makes it stand out from others. It has the ability to put more pressure with the fingers if needed. It comes with a hard case but it has cutouts in it with buttons for fingers. The primary material is medical grade silicone and it comes with hard plastic case. Reading the Flip Hole review can help or it can be seen on Amazon.

Lilith Uterus

It looks almost like a real pussy. Though it could be an underdog it is worth having a look at it. It is not a well known company and most would have stumbled into it by accident. However, it is a good device and the 100% Japanese quality craftsmanship is worth mention. It offers a pleasant surprise and I also was in for it. It does not have a hard case and has a long rubber tube and has a front which looks like a real snatch. It is made from soft TPE and not silicone. It is latex-free and good for men with sensitivity. See it on Amazon or ready the review here.


This is good for those with a budget in mind. It is perhaps the quintessential underdog but has come out quite well. Combined with affordability it also offers compatibility and portability. It may not be of the same standards of Tenga or Fleshlight but has its own unique features. Read the entire review here.

What My Dick Likes

My dick likes a tight and warm hole more so when it is rock hard. It doesn’t like squeezing because of friction burns. This often happens with guys who use hand to jack off. If a cock is treated either too roughly and regularly jacked it could lead to loss of sensitivity. This is referred to a Death Grip. He might find getting orgasms when he is fucking a woman or man.

The History

I have found out many ways to masturbate. When young, Rosie Palm taught me my first masturbation experiences almost each evening. With age I had money to spend and sex toys became a part of my life. I used prostate massager for masturbation. They get stuck in the butt but offer great pleasure. They do look stupid but help those who want to get excited. Though they satisfied me I needed something better.
My quest made me buy a duplicate pussy from Fleshlight and I didn’t know that I found out a bitchin masturbator which perhaps was a great one offering value for money. They sell a number of portable pussies and masturbating toys than others. They have a tie up perhaps with Tenga who also have superb toys for stroking.

Things To Look For

Sex toy safety is something I am going to talk about. The toy must be constructed using quality materials and workmanship which should be accompanied by reasonable price. When using a toy you will expose your ass and genitals to it and hence it should be safe. Interior materials must be free from allergy risk. It should also hold up well.
Silicone is the best material for safety and realistic feel. It is also phthalate free. Rubber and plastic could be other choices. They also are phthalate free, subject to verification. Reading this nifty article will let you know why you should buy phthalates free materials. Manufacturers use phthalate because it is cheap and because the industry is not government regulated. Hence customers should do their research. It always is better to buy from reputed outlet.

Four More Things To Consider:

  • Material: It always is better to choose either silicone or Thermoplastic elastomer or TPE. TPE is made of basic materials and is soft without being very comfortable.. Silicone is hypoallergenic and can easily be cleaned and it offers the real feel. TPE is cheaper and they often have a bad odor which will go with repeated cleaning. However, it must be phthalate free.
  • Inner Orifice: There could thousand variations but that is where you thrust your hard thing. You could choose inner orifices with ridges and waves like a vagina something like an ass which is tight and straight.
  • Size: As far as size is concerned there are many options. Pocket pussy can be carried in a coat and larger ones could resemble a flashlight.
  • Price: You give peanuts you will get only monkeys. Hence you will value for the money you pay for. Silicone stroker will offer more comfort when compared to a plastic pussy. You should know where the draw the line between cost and quality and should not regret your purchase at a later date.